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My wife and I decided to spend our 30th wedding anniversary on a Greek Island cruise.  In Santorini, we arranged a Flytographer photo shoot with Nikos.  We met at the pre-arranged place in Fira and for the next half hour, Nikos took us to some very picturesque settings in the area and took some fantastic photos of us. The colours and views were stunning.  We will have these wonderful photos to remind us of our time in Santorini and our trip.  We own a travel agency, Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique, and we plan to give preferred clients a Flytographer photo shoot as an appreciation gift.  We will also recommend Flytographer to anyone interested in creating special memories on special trips that they book with us.



Launched in 2013 and inspired by the belief that memories are the best travel souvenir, Flytographer is a Canadian-based startup that connects travellers with a network of over 250 local photographers in 150 destinations around the world to coordinate photo shoots that capture the wonder of exploring a new place. The first to market global vacation photography services, Flytographer is changing the way people remember their trips by providing one-of-a-kind experiences and beautiful photographs to help remember them.


Flytographer Takes Flight 

Flytographer was founded by Nicole Smith, a former Microsoft Marketing Manager and consultant-turned-entrepreneur with a lifelong appetite for travel. Nicole’s idea for Flytographer came after a trip to Paris to reunite with her best friend, Erika. Disappointed with selfies and the photos they had asked strangers to snap, the duo tapped into a local friend to take candid photographs of them enjoying the city together. Upon returning home with beautiful images that truly captured the spirit of her trip, Nicole identified a gap in the market for vacation photography. Inspired by the photographs from her own trip and recognizing the trend of travelers seeking authentic local experiences, Nicole launched Flytographer in March 2013.


How It Works 

Two years later, Flytographer has built a curated network of over 250 "Flytographer" photographers on every continent but Antarctica, and in cities from Reykjavik to Buenos Aires to Shanghai. Flytographers capture moments from honeymoons, anniversaries, families on multi-generational trips, couples’ excursions, friend getaways, solo travels, and even marriage proposals. All of the photographers in Flytographer’s network have been pre-vetted based on skill, style and personality and work with clients to meet shoot goals and capture “must have shots.” Flytographers also serve as informal local tour guides, sharing insider tips for the most photographic spots around the city, plus hidden gems and the places to avoid!  


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Here are some examples of Flytographer in Santorini.




Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique owners

Peter M. Wong and Lola Stoker in Santorini


Photo session arranged through Flytographer.


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