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Preferred Tour Operator Sparkling Voyages is a Boutique Tour Operator that offers All-Inclusive Luxury Resort and Hotel packages through Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique for exotic destinations around the world.  If you want a luxury over the water beach bungalow in the Maldives or an ocean view pool suite in Phuket, we can get it for you!!


Sparkling Voyages is a Canadian luxury tour operator specializing in upscale vacation packages that provide a different, one of a kind experience.  Sparkling Voyages is a tour operator that works exclusively with travel agencies and industry partners to create custom vacation packages fitting travelers’ needs. If you are a traveler and would like to receive a quote for a specific package, please contact 

Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique for details.


Sparkling Voyages' philosophy of continuous commitment to excellence is incorporated into every aspect of its operations. Strongly believing that a truly successful and relaxing vacation can significantly improve travelers’ emotional and physical well-being and help them look at the world from a positive perspective upon their return, Sparkling Voyages always goes an extra mile to make sure travelers get more than they expect. Away from crowds, hustles, traffic and sightseeing, the tour operator primarily offers relaxing beach packages that often include built-in amenities like champagne upon arrival or sunset sailing, private airport transfers to avoid waiting and hustles, and complimentary value-adding amenities.


What makes Sparkling Voyages great is first of all its devotion to work with your travel agent to wholly understand your travel preferences in order to provide the ultimate vacation experience. Our packages go outside the old-fashioned 7 or 14 days pre-made vacation concept, and not only offer various lengths of stay, but also several choices of flights and airlines, custom-made experiences and many other benefits.


Sparkling Voyages’ luxurious hotel offerings were carefully selected from thousands of four and five star hotels to offer only the most notable world-class accommodations based on travelers reviews and industry ratings. The tour operator is dedicated to perfecting the travel experiences in every way possible, and offers a highly personalized customer service, luxury amenities and great dedication to understanding travelers’ needs to provide the ideal vacation options accordingly. When asking for a quote for one of Sparkling Voyages’ vacation packages, be confident that the representative will ask your travel agent what you most anticipate from your next vacation as well as your travel preferences, in order to ensure that our holiday suggestions are most relevant for your travel needs.


For more details and luxury resorts and hotel packages, visit Sparkling Voyages now!



Let Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique help you plan your Luxury Resort and Hotel Vacation to Tahiti and the South Pacific.




Try a luxury over-the-water beach bungalow vacation in the South Pacific or Indian Ocean.