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Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique Organizes the CARP Etobicoke Travel Show for the Third Year in a Row



Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique organized the CARP Etobicoke Travel Show for the third year in a row on February 17, 2016 at the Lambton Golf and Country Club.  Five suppliers, G Adventures, Ama Waterways, Windstar Cruises, Just You Solo Travel Specialists and Insight Vacations, made presentation to over 70 CARP members and guests.  Videos of three of the presentations are provided below.


G Adventures Presentation

Click the image below to view the presentation video



Ama Waterways River Cruise Presentation

Click image below to view presentation video 



This year the event was held at the Lambton Golf and Country Club in the heart of the Kingsway area of Etobicoke. Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique Co-Owners Peter M Wong and Lola Stoker have been members ofLambton for over 15 years and were pleased to showcase the club to CARP Etobicoke members and their guests.

Over 70 CARP Etobicoke Members and guests listened to presentations from five travel companies including Ama Waterways, G Adventures, Windstar Cruises, Just You Solo Traveler Experts and Insight Vacations.

Ama Waterways is one of Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique’sfavourite river cruise companies. Kelly Graves from Ama highlighted the main features of river cruises and listed a number of promotions available to clients of Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique, including the waiving of single supplements on all 2016 and 2017 sailings in certain stateroom categories. Lola Stoker of Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique is organizing a group river cruise for 2017 for clients from CARP and other local organizations such as the Kingsway Women’s Club. For more details, call Lola at 905-602-6566 855-602-6566.  

G Adventures’ Justin Weigel announced its milestone partnership with National Geographic Society and focused on the National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures in Peru as well as G Adventures local market project charity, Planeterra. Peter Wong from Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique recently returned from this trip with G Adventures and gave a presentation to CARP Mississauga about his trip in January.  To see a video ofPeter’s Peru presentation to CARP Mississauga, click here.  Peter is organizing a Group Trip to Peru for CARP members and friends for September 2017. For details, call PeterLola or Inez at 905-602-6566 or 855-602-6566. 




Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique's President Peter M. Wong Gives Peru Travel Presentation to CARP Mississauga



Peter M. Wong, President of Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique gave a Peru Travel Presentation to CARP Mississauga Meeting on January 11, 2016.  The presentation is now available on YouTube at this link – Peru Travel Presentation Video– or by clicking here or the image below, for anyone who missed the meeting.


Peter traveled to Peru with National Geographics Journeys with G Adventures in November and wrote a travelogue posted on the Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique website. Click here to read the Peru Travelogue. Peter also posted a number of photos and videos of his trip some of which he included in his Peru Travel Presentation to CARP Mississauga. Travel videos are posted on Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique’s YouTube channel.

The Peru Travel Presentation included itinerary details of Peter’s visit to Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley and of course, Machu Picchu.  Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique recently organized a group cruise to Cuba for CARP Mississauga members and will be organizing a group trip to Peru for 2017.  Details will be presented to CARP Mississauga members in the near future.  If you are interested in visiting Peru with CARP Mississauga and Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique, please contact Lola Stoker at 905-602-6566 or or see her a the next CARP Mississauga Monthly Community Meeting.





Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique President Peter M. Wong interviewed on Rogers TV Toronto Boomers Show



Toronto Boomers Show Co-Hosts Jim Deeks and Helen Burstyn interview CARP Mississauga Board Member and President of Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique Peter M. Wong about cruise holidays for Boomers on Rogers TV Toronto Boomers Show. Watch the interview by clicking the image above or following the link here.


Jim has only been on one cruise in his life and he found that it was quite different from what he expected. His preconceived notion of cruising was based on the TV show, the Love Boat and he was pleasantly surprised that cruising has changed a lot over the past few decades.


Helen has never been on a cruise, but was interested in learning more about cruising, especially about the Eastern Mediterranean including the Greek Islands and Istanbul.


Peter explained that cruising has indeed changed over the past few decades. He also indicated that many Boomers are not aware of the changes and still think of cruising as their parents vacation.


Boomers are just beginning to learn about the great value and convenience of cruise holidays. Some of the many benefits of cruising is that while you can visit several destinations on a particular cruise, you only have to pack and unpack once. While you travel from one destination to another, you are either sleeping peacefully in your stateroom or you can relax onboard by the pool, in the many restaurants, or take in one of the many entertainment options. Dining is always excellent on cruise ships and there is always something for everyone’s taste, so there are fewer decisions that have to be made at dinner time. Restaurants, pools, first class entertainment are just a short walk away.


In comparison, on a motor coach tour, you will have to pack and unpack, get up early each morning to maximize your touring time, spend hours of valuable vacation time on buses, trains or airplanes to travel from one destination to another. Every night you need to find a restaurant for dinner and then plan your own entertainment and then get to bed to get up the next morning to do it all over again. Clearly a cruise holiday is a much more relaxing vacation.


Boomers are just learning about how the cruise industry has changed over the years. There are more interesting and exotic destinations, including Africa, South America and Asia. These are destinations that suit cruise holidays perfectly.


The biggest change in the cruise industry is the growth of river cruising. Many of the worlds greatest cities and civilizations were built on the banks of major rivers. What better way to visit these cities than on a 180 passenger river cruise ship that travels from city to city while you are sleeping comfortably in your suite and that docks at the center of the city or town where many of the historic sites are just a short walk away. Or imagine watching the scenery go by while you soak in the pool on the upper deck or sip a glass of wine or a coffee from the alfresco restaurant.


One of the greatest benefits of cruising is that with the assistance of an experience travel agent, you can plan virtually everything in advance, so that when you arrive at the airport to depart on your vacation, you don’t have to make any major decisions and you can just relax and enjoy the holiday. After all that is what vacations are about….relaxing and enjoying your time away from the stress and distractions of day to day life at home.


If you are interested in learning more about cruises, please feel free to contact Peter Wong or Lola Stoker at Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique, 855-602-6566, 905-602-6566 or email or Or visit their website at Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique also has a Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ page.


Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique is a Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Toronto cruise travel agency providing cruise packages, luxury hotel, resort vacations and specialty travel serving groups and individuals in Canada and the USA. Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique’s mission is to provide first class service, expertise and value to clients who are looking for that special travel experience.

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Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique to present a Travel Show for North York CARP Members


CARP North York Travel Show Tuesday, April 21, 2015 will be presented by Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique at the Columbus Centre, 901 Lawrence Ave W, Toronto, ON, at the corner of Lawrence and Dufferin. The CARP North York Travel Show will be free to North York CARP members and their guests.  More details to come!


Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique owners, Peter Wong and Lola Stoker, are organizing the CARP North York Travel Show for CARP members and will invite a number of travel suppliers to give short presentations about travel and cruise destinations. These experts will bring flyers, brochures and door prizes for CARP members and their guests and will be available to talk to CARP Members after the presentations.


So, SAVE THE DATE and watch for more details to come. It will be a fun evening with light refreshments, ample free parking, door prizes and show discounts in a lovely venue!! If you want more information, call 905-602-6566 or email


Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique will be available to advise and book any vacations or cruises for CARP members and their guests either at the show or anytime afterwards.  Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique is a cruise travel agency based in the Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton Ontario region and serves clients anywhere in Canada and the USA. We can be contacted by phone - 905-602-6566 or toll free at 855-602-6566, by email at Our offices are near Eglinton and Rathburn, just north of Centennial Park at the corner of Matheson and Explorer Drive. Our address is 5160 Explorer Drive, Suite 38, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 4T7. You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.





 Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique President Peter M. Wong interviewed by CBC Radio about how low interest rates affect older Canadians.


Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique President Peter M. Wong was interviewed today by Peter Armstrong, Economic Affairs Reporter for CBC Radio about the impact of low interest rates on older Canadians. Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz, for whom Mr. Wong worked at Export Development Canada in 2010, announced that the Bank of Canada was not ruling out an interest rate cut in the future. 

While much of the discussion in the press has been about how low interest rates help families with mortgages and businesses with debt, CBC’s Peter Armstrong was interested in how low interest rates affect older Canadians. Peter Wong voiced the concern of many older Canadians nearing retirement that low interest rates diminishes the income from safer, interest bearing investments as well as reducing the amount
of money that annuities pay out.

Peter M. Wong also said that low interest rates force older Canadians to put their money in riskier investments, such as equities and real estate, which may not be a good strategy for those close to retirement. However, if the return on fixed income investments is just 1 or 2 percent, older Canadians will seek higher yields from riskier investments just to avoid using capital to fund their expenses let alone earn enough income to cover expenses. Furthermore, a correction or crash in either the stock or real estate markets would set retirement portfolios and security back even further.

Mr. Wong related how his parents were able to convert some of their savings into life annuities when interest rates were 7 to 10% which offered a decent cash flow that would not be possible today. As older Canadian reach the age of 70, many will be forced to convert LIRA’s and RSP’s into annuities or pay heavy tax
penalties. Many are waiting for rates to increase so they can lock in annuities at a more favourable and sustainable cash flow.

Peter M. Wong is President and Co-Owner of Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique, a Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Toronto area based cruise travel agency serving clients anywhere in Canada and the USA focused on river and ocean cruises, luxury resort and hotels, custom tours, beach vacations and specialty travel for groups and individuals as well as accessible travel for persons with
physical disabilities.


Additional links - CBC Interview

                           CARP Report





Peter and Lola Wong at the Friends of We Care Gala celebrating 30 years of raising funds for children with physical disabilities to help them attend Easter Seals Camps.





Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique is proud to support a number of associations and charities that help children with physical disabilities. The owners of Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique, Peter and Lola Wong have a daughter who was born in 1997 with cerebral palsy. 





Lara is a remarkable person.  She has been a volunteer and advocate for accessibility most of her young life.  She served as Easter Seals Ontario Ambassador and as Friends of We Care Ambassador, helping raise funds in support of children with disabilities.  In recognition of her community service and contributions to Canada at the age of fifteen, she was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal by her friend and mentor,  Lieutenant Governor General of Ontario, the Honourable David C. Onley.


As proud parents of Lara, Peter and Lola have decided that Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique would find ways to support associations and charities that help children with disabilities, including Easter Seals, Friends of We Care and Cruisers Sports.  Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique will post updates on our community activities regularly on this page.


Please visit our Accessible Travel page for more information on travel for people with disabilities.


Yours truly,



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