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Solo Travel


As the population ages and as society changes, more and more people are travelling solo, not necessarily alone.  Many travelers don't have a partner to share accommodations, but still want to travel with a group of like minded travelers for enrichment, security and camaraderie.  Some are able to find compatible travel mates, but many can't.  However, these solo travelers do not want to stop traveling and opt to travel solo. 


These are the solo travelers and they differ slightly from single travelers.  Solo travelers may not be single from a relationship perspective, but choose to travel solo perhaps because their relationship partner is too busy or not interested in that particular trip.  Or they may be single but are only interested in the travel not finding a relationship on a trip.


Single traveler are singles from a relationship perspective and are looking to find a relationship when they travel with a singles group.  Many singles groups, such as Single Cruises, do not allow married solo travelers to participate in their groups trips. 


The travel industry is slowly adjusting to this new demographic of the solo traveler.  Usually accommodations on tours, in hotels or cruises are priced on double occupancy and traditionally, single travelers paid a "single supplement" that cost as much as 200% of what a person would pay based on a double occupancy rate.  This "single supplement" is still every much a standard part of leisure travel pricing.


However, more and more travel suppliers, cruise lines and tour operators are responding for the demand from solo travelers.  The newer cruise ships, such as the Norwegian Cruise Lines Breakaway and Getaway have Solo Traveler enclaves with Solo Staterooms which cater to solo travelers.  Other operators and cruise lines waive their single supplement when specific departure dates approach with excess capacity. 


Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique keeps track of all the Solo Traveler deals offered by various cruise lines and tour operators and can help the solo traveler find the best value for their budget.


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Solo Traveler Enclave Private Lounge on NCL Breakaway and Getaway