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Learn Spanish Before You Travel!!


If you are traveling to a Spanish speaking country, enhance your experience by learning Spanish before you travel.  Learn what to say at the airport, hotel, in a taxi, or on the street.  Learn how to ask for directions, order a beer or a meal.  Learn what to say in emergencies or at a hospital.  Your travels will be much more rewarding and enriched if you learn Spanish before you travel.


Professional Spanish Learning is a Mississauga based Spanish language school that will get you speaking Spanish quickly, easily and in a fun environment.  For more information, visit Professional Spanish Learning today!



Learn Spanish from professional and experienced instructors!

Professional Spanish Learning uses a cultural- technical-business approach in a conversational environment, creating an
atmosphere where the student learns specific terminology, protocols, everyday work vocabulary and common expressions
that enable the student to communicate in Spanish immediately.

Language Training:

Business & Technical
Spanish for corporations, are rich in technical and business terminology. Students learn to speak and write effectively
under different situations such as business/technical meetings, social events, and general conversations. The student will
learn to communicate with confidence and awareness of the "cultural etiquette” that is related to the traditions of each
Spanish-speaking country.
Small, big groups or private training, best results at the best rate. Just call and we organize a unique Spanish

Travel & Everyday Spanish Learning
For all travel scenarios we offer a special package where people learn specific Spanish vocabulary and terminology that will
help you enjoy your travels in Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish Learning for Children
Children will learn the Spanish vocabulary, as well as certain linguistic expressions while at the same time having fun
through the use of story time, songs, and a variety of games, movement, colourful aids as well as practical conversation.
These programs are designed to be both entertaining and rich in content. At all times, children are quickly immersed in the
Spanish language.  



For more information, visit Professional Spanish Learning!!