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Viking Ocean Cruises arranged by Lola Stoker Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique


Just home after a marvelous trip. A beautiful ship (brand new), tastefully designed, lots of room, superb meals and delightful tours. The organization of the tours from the preparatory talks to the meticulous attention to details concerning the disembarking hundreds of not- so - young passengers, the choice of guides and the great selection of tours for every bodies tastes, was exemplary, certainly better than our previous trips.  Thank you so very much for steering us to Viking Ocean Cruises and for doing all the small things that made the trip seamless and effortless from start to finish. We would recommend Viking ,your company and this particular trip without reservations. Next up is the Q.Mary in September.   With thanks,  D&CD Aug 2019








Holland America arranged by Lola Stoker Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique


Hello Lola:  Thank you for arranging  the details for our vacation. The Venice Hotel Bisanzo was in an ideal location. The Barcelona Hotel Dante was also in a convenient site. We rated the Holland America Mediterranean Cruise as "the best ever".  Your Cruise Holiday Excursions were excellent and the transportation you provided was very efficient.  With Gratitude,  L&TVB - July 2019








Our cruise to Norway was spectacular. Our pictures will not do the scenery we saw the justice it so deserves. Our first stop was Bergen and it is such a quaint town. We did a walking tour of the town, then took a bus ride through the countryside and finished up with a 2 hour cruise. It kind of reminded us of the 1000 Island region but more spectacular. Our next stop was Geiranger. Murray and I completed a three hour hike roundtrip to a most lovely waterfall. The hike was touted as strenuous and difficult and our reward was to be able to walk under a most spectacular waterfall. We were told that just two weeks ago the area was still snow covered and the waterfall was frozen. After that hike we went on our own and hiked up to see another waterfall. Our next stop was Olden. We chose to see one of Norway’s famous glaciers followed by a 12 mile cruise through the most beautiful of mountains and yes, waterfalls. We were in awe of the majestic views we were seeing. Our last stop was Stavanger. We had booked a cruise through what is touted as being Norway’s most prettiest fjord. Unfortunately this was the only day that Mother Nature did not co-operate with the sunshine. Since the start of the cruise, we were enjoying 15-20 Celsius temperatures with lovely sunshine (which we were told was unusual weather for this time of year). We were not able to see much of the fjord given we had to stay in the covered area of the boat. We ventured out in the afternoon for about an hour in the pouring rain to see the town which we are sure on a sunny day would have been spectacular to see. However, we made the most of it!

The Sapphire Princess while being a small ship was very comfortable. We sailed into the most beautiful of fjords and just sat on our balcony soaking in the scenery and sunshine. In certain spots, the ship came to an almost stop as we were told that there was not much wiggle room on either side of us given the shallowness of the water so one wrong turn or move would prove to be a huge issue. 

Norway is expensive. Even the Norwegians we spoke to said that it was an expensive country for them too! 

Thanks for another great cruise!  SH and MS June 2019








AmaWaterways Southeast Asia Adventure


Click image above


Hello Lola,  We certainly did enjoy the Asian vacation, the AmaDara cruise portion was up to their high standards with good food and excellent tour guides throughout. The cruise manager ('A. K.') was in charge of both the pre and post cruise portions of the trip and he did a first class job, everything ran to time and was well explained and organized.  Perhaps what surprised us most was how nice we found Cambodia to be given that it is the poorest of these two countries. The capital, Phenon Phen was surprising clean and well developed along the Mekong and our hotel in Siem Reap was one of the nicest we have stayed in anywhere around the world. The only negative, and it's a small one, is that the UNESCO heritage site Ha Long Bay was so overrun with tourist boats that it was rather like driving the QEW on a public holiday in summer.  That said, we loved the trip.

The only complaint from travelers was the nonsense over the Cambodian visas.  You may recall that we spent $750 to get them expedited from Washington D.C. and found that many Canadian couples had gone through the same exercise. As we arrived at our first hotel, the Ama crew just said: "if you need a Cambodian visa then leave your passports with us in the lobby and we'll get one, about US$40, if you haven't got a spare passport photo we will just use our cell phones to photo the one in your passport" - this could not have been easier and at least half the travelers took advantage.

EVA airlines were excellent, great service, clean, and ran pretty much on time with each flight, so we would readily recommend them for any of your clients. No doubt it is because of the lower labour costs but our experiences with Asian airline so far is that they do offer superior service. 

Kind regards,  K&MW - May 2019







Celebrity Cruise Lines - Caribbean Cruise with Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique


We had an excellent cruise. Rooms were good, on the 9th deck, which was convenient for the pools and the buffet at breakfast and lunch. All the meals were very good, probably the best we have experienced on Celebrity. The dining room staff were very attentive, especially with our granddaughter. They entertained her every night with a special napkin « trick ». Entertainment on Celebrity is always excellent, and this was best ever for us.  We were very pleased to find we had a beverage package, as well as a credit for on board spending.

Overall, we would give this a definite two thumbs up!  R & SL May 2019







Hi Lola! 

I loved it!  I never got sea sick in the slightest!  Going to bed with the patio door open and waking up in the night to hear the waves and being lulled back to sleep was the best! 

The Cruise.....Loved waking up in a different country every day.  K. and I so enjoyed watching the boat dock in the mornings.  Coming into Montenegro was beyond beautiful  K. went on the Pompeii excursion, and the historic canal (Venice).  I went to Murano and Burano for one day....we had such a fun guide and I bought lovely Murano glass jewellery and Burano lace.  I enjoyed the excursions that Oceanic offered.  We did take other local ones, and we found the Cruise's excursions were very professional and so entertaining. next time I will defiantly get a bigger room, and would like a bigger deck, but honestly, our room was so nice.  

The boat was beautiful, the food was amazing, and the staff were beyond lovely.   I think we will go again in 2019, so will be looking forward to chatting with you.  We were so well taken care of and met lovely people. There were a lot of young adults on the cruise and they livened the boat up!  

What a positive experience!  If you ever have a client who is nervous about boats, I would gladly talk to them.  I'm the one who gets woozy in elevators, and never for a moment had an issue on the Cruise, and my big bag of meds were never opened. K. loved the cruise as well, and what surprised us was how we could choose to be with a crowd, or have private time.  

Thank you for taking such good care of us.  We felt so secure knowing you and Peter were there for us.  Also, thanks for making sure the car was at the airport in Rome!   I would certainly like to share my positive thoughts on any media that you and Peter have available for others to see. I felt that we were so well taken care of.  

Thank you so much for such an incredible memory!
B. and K. W. July 2018





Rome with Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique



Hi Lola!  We are back and everyone had an amazing time! Almost fully recovered from the jet lag too. The ports were wonderful and the excursion in Rome was just right!  I would like to come and thank you in person for all your assistance coordinating this trip for our family.  We are all very grateful!   JP - June 2018  






Dubrovnik, Croatia by Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique


Hi Lola,  Our Air Canada trip to Zagreb was an inaugural flight! Croatian dancers entertained us at Pearson Airport. The plane was showered when we arrived in Zagreb, very special.  We had a nice welcome dinner. Looking forward to a wonderful vacation in Croatia.   CN - June 2018





Auto Tour Self Drive Vacation in Ireland and Scotland


Auto Tour self drive vacation by Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique




All in all it was great, got to see a lot of all of the countries.  Everything AT arranged worked out perfectly.  Car and hotels were available as arranged.  Every one of the hotels with possibly two exceptions were great places to stay and offered comfortable rooms and dining rooms with good meals.  A few of them I got an upgrade and stayed in very high end rooms which came as a welcome surprise.  A couple of them were beautiful old house conversions with rustic charm.  Visited St. Andrews Golf Club just outside of Edinburgh, that was interesting too.  Hope to get back to play it one day.  Great trip.  My only advise to someone planning a similar trip would be to allow more time between places, especially the bigger cities.  Also too, driving over there is not for the faint hearted.  Consider myself a very seasoned and experienced driver, but there were times!!! Thanks again, Lola for a great holiday and great experience. DS - Nov 2018





Azamara Cruise 


Visit Dubrovnik with Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique


Hi Lola,  Thanks again for helping us out and guidance for our first cruise ever. What a great experience. All was more than expected in terms both the ship and destinations. Azamara knows how to operate and treat their guests. The stops in Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro were especially spectacular. We had a diversion from one of the ports due to bad weather. The alternative was no disappointment.  Just shows how well the Captain, crew and company can respond and make a change like that seamless. Service and food quality were exceptional and the size of the ship made things very comfortable. The mix of passengers was very enjoyable. The Azamazing Evening and White Night events were very special. Our only nit was the excursion set up by Distinctive Voyages. The late start in the day and the very long difficult drive resulted in missing out on some sights in Sicily. Having said that, it was complementary and interesting nonetheless.  We were told we were starting from the top and it would be difficult to cruise some other lines. That's probably right. But with the right itinerary who knows.  Someday we hope travel this way again.  CF September 2017





Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique St Petersburg


Hi Lola:  We had a wonderful time and learnt a lot about the countries that separated from Russia, which is what Ron wanted to see. We enjoyed all the tours we took, saw the country's and towns and not a lot of Museum and churches, which is what we wanted.  Not a whole lot of walking on the tours.  Also Ron and a few others stayed on the buses while the rest of us got off and wandered around.  The ship as usual was great, the staff are so helpful and friendly.  We enjoyed our suite cabin, had more room and the balcony was big had 2 lounge chars, plus 2 others and a table.  I really enjoyed it as the weather in St. Petersburg was warm and sunny so I had shorts and a tank top on and enjoyed the afternoon when we were not out seeing the country.  The weather was good, a bit cool, but we had gone prepared as friends had told us it could be cold, but our jackets were enough.  Some people, from the south probably had  winter jackets on, but they were not really needed.   Iceland Air is quite nice to fly with, just have to pay for the food.   We bought a sandwich at the airport and took it on with us.  I had put Ron down as needing a wheel chair when I booked our seats and there was always someone there to help us out.  We have found that the walk from the plane to wherever you go is always so long and this way we are not worrying about not making the connecting flight on time.  The airline was great looking after this, it was marked on our boarding passes. Thanks again for the wine and for the company paying our gratuities, it was very appreciated.  Ron and Bev - Sept 2017







Scandinavia with Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique


Our cruise was awesome! We flew in on the Friday morning and checked into the Sofitel Hotel located in Terminal 5. I would highly recommend this hotel for people looking for an overnight spot! Our Princess transfer to South Hampton was a breeze! In fact, cruise check- in here was much better than in Fort Lauderdale. 

The seas on this cruise were very calm. We did encounter some rain in Sweden and Norway but it certainly did not bother us. The one thing we liked about this cruise was that we did not have a 2 hour plus bus ride to get into the city or anywhere for that fact. Our longest bus ride was to Brugge Belgium which was 30 mins. 

Signing up for the walking tours in all four ports was the way to go for us. We saw so much! In Copenhagen and Oslo we simply walked off the ship and there was our guide and our 3 to 4 hour walking tour began and walk we did! But everything was so fascinating from the history to the architecture. We were overwhelmed by it all! Our favourite spot was Copenhagen. We want to go back there for sure!. We found in both Copenhagen and Oslo that once the walking tours were over, we preferred to stay within the city and explored more on our own and easily found our way back. Our least favourite spot was Heildsborg Sweden. We found this spot to be a "filler stop".  They only get 5 cruise ships a year and really not much to see at all. It wasn’t well organized either. They brought us to a restaurant that wasn’t even open until an hour later. 

On this particular cruise, we found the walking tours were certainly worth their price and like I said earlier being a stones throw away from the city was such a plus!  We were so surprised to see when we docked back in South Hampton that we did not have to go through customs at all. We just got off the ship and were directed to our waiting Princess transfer bus to Victoria station. 

We loved our time in London. We were able to visit with our friends who live just outside of London. We got to see the Princess Diana dedication at Kensington Palace. In addition, we took the train to Windsor and visited the castle. London still remains my favourite place to visit.  We are inspired now to visit the Norwegian Fjords and go back to Copenhagen! So many places to see!  Thanks for all your help!  M&S -August 2017







China with Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique



Hi Lola:

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and Peter for all you do for us. You both make our travel seamless and the destinations and itineraries you have suggested have brought us incredible enjoyment and life long memories. There is no doubt in my mind that our travels have been enhanced because of the effort you and Peter put into making them happen. There’s a saying that suggests that every journey starts with the 1st step – that 1st step is you and Peter.  I know S. is now on board for a China vacation. We did the Sinorama presentation and that, along with some acquaintances that took the trip, have sold her on going – probably mid-April or early May. She is also considering a Viking China trip as well.  Thanks so much.  All the best!  GP - August 2017






River Cruise with Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique


Hi Lola:  It was an amazing trip.  Highly recommended.  Scenic told us they were sold out until 2020.  The crew and staff were one of the best we have had.  The tours were all great - into little towns in the hills, port sampling on almost every adventure!  Scenery was amazing.  Weather really hot.  We saw some forest fires right down to the river.  River was very narrow and shallow at times.  Went through many locks - one of the highest in the world.  Again Scenic had all the prime docking spots.  The only other boat we docked beside was the Scenic Emerald Waterways.  It was really nice only sailing in the morning or afternoon, never at night because of the shallow river.  We were able to explore the towns at night.  Had a private concert in a museum.  The last night a private concert and dinner in an amazing restaurant up in the hills in Porto.  BBQ sardines freshly caught in a little fishing village.  Definitely a trip I would do again. Sandy - July 2017







River Cruise with Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique


Hi Lola. It was such a fun cruise. The boat was smaller than our last one but very new. Only the second year of cruising. The food and drink were excellent. It was nice to have a couple of sailing days where we could enjoy the scenery.  The crew were the funnest and nicest crew we've had. No Americans, 10 Canadians and the rest were Brits and Aussies as far as the travellers.  It wasn't the wowiest of things like castles and palaces but when you see so many on the others it wasn't a big deal.  They had great port vineyards and tastings.  The sundowners were wonderful. We had a meal at a fado restaurant that had a spectacular view.   One day they had a BBQon the top deck. It was on a Sunday and after sangria and champagne and scrumptious food so many of us were up dancing and singing   The crew said we were the best group that they had because we knew how to have fun.  It was a cruise that I didn't want to end.  We did cruise thru an area were we saw the forest fires burning. You could see the flames jumping from area to area. The captain went very slowly and 2 of the sailors had hoses running to water the side of the boat. One would climb on the railing to make sure no embers landed on the canopy.  It was very sad to see the devastation.  Apparently this cruise is booked up for a couple of years already. I would highly recommend it! 

Donna - July 2017




Custom Tour of Chile and Easter Islands


Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique specializes  in Custom Tours to Chile and Easter Island


Hi Lola, We did arrive home safely last Monday. Still just getting back into the swing of things here and back into a routine. The trip was absolutely amazing I cannot thank you enough!! All the flights were accordingly to schedule. We were always found by our ride transfers and the tours we had were incredible and unforgettable!! Yes there are many fires in Chile currently which is unfortunate. Thankfully we were not effected directly. But they were close by... We had planned to climb a mountain during the last weekend we had there and were unable to do so because it too was on fire. Thanks again for all your help with our trip!! It was wonderful as per usual. JM February, 2017




Custom Costa Rica Vacation


Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique presents custom vacations to Costa Rica


Hi Lola! Yes, we did have a great vacation. The resort was lovely. We had a great excursion day - zip lining, waterslide, horseback riding and hot springs. The weather was perfect. Thank you for booking it for us.  DC, January, 2017




Honeymoon Cruise



Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique - Honeymoon Specialists



Hey Lola!!! Yes! We had an AMAZING TIME! A trip of a lifetime that will never be forgotten- not only because it was our honeymoon, but the islands, the people and the ship all added to it! We are definitely interested in doing a cruise again, specifically as the food and drinks were so good, I have never gained weight on vacation before lol! We signed up through that "cruisenext" promotion. We are hoping to book a bigger boat (the breakaway or getaway), one of them depart from NYC and like staying within the Caribbean. We would like to possibly go same time next year so if you know of any future promotions (free alcohol of course lol) please don't hesitate to forward it our way. Thanks again for everything! Without your help and suggestions, we never would have done this!!!! A&IK, November 2016




Croatia Custom Vacation 


Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique presents Croatia


Hi Lola, Yes, we are in Cabos where the sun is so hot and the air is so dry, it could not be so different than we experienced in Croatia. I meant to send you a thank you as everything that you organized went smoothly. Our driver was there on time, both ways, the hotel was gorgeous and we were very lucky to be up- graded to an executive suite and our side trip was well- organized. …..The wine tour that was pre- booked fell on the sunny Saturday, so that prevented us from visiting the islands. Mother Nature is in charge of the weather--- no one can can control that! We did however, love the destination and found the topography spectacular. Thank you! CH, November, 2016





Lake Cuomo, Italy



Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique presents Lake Cuomo, Italy


Hi Lola, Lake Como trip was very good, thoroughly enjoyed it. Everything went well, connection in Milan was excellent. Nice bunch of people, great location, weather was perfect, tours were pretty good. I would go with them again. Look forward to seeing their CDN brochure. I will definitely keep in touch. Would like to do something in early 2017. Thanks for all your help and advice.  CM October, 2016






Tour of Ireland





Our trip to Ireland was very nice….I would definitely recommend Royal Irish Tours.  Our tour guide/bus driver … was very knowledgeable - not sure how he could drive and talk at the same time as some days the roads were pretty narrow or there was lots of traffic.  I have never seen so many sheep and cows.  I know why they say Ireland is the Forty Shades of Green because it is green everywhere.  The scenery was so lovely.   The Titanic exhibit in Belfast was excellent as was the Guinness Factory tour in Dublin.   The RIT itself was not too hectic which was nice as some days we didn't leave until 8.30 or 9 which was nice…. We were in Dublin for the All Irish Football final so there were 85,000 crazy Irish men and women at the stadium near our hotel plus the pubs were all packed.  We missed the game day but we were in Dublin for the day after celebration as Dublin won.   Our hotels were very nice on the tour and the meal selection was good as well.  The Jury's Inn Parnell that we booked for the first few days in Dublin was in a good location for getting around to seeing the sites.  The Hop On Hop Off bus was great too.  Thank you again for all your help in organizing our trip.  Carol C. - Nov 2016




Oceania Mediterranean Cruise



Hi Lola, We had a wonderful time (on our Oceania Mediterranean Cruise) and the Oceania crew were just wonderful…. (they) couldn't do enough for you… at the buffet at lunch, as soon as you had your plate, someone was there to carry it to the table for you.   (I) couldn't even carry a dish of ice cream on my own.

It is so much easier to get off the (small) ship even when you have to tender.   Other cruise lines make you wait until all their shore excursions are off the ship.  We went down early on the day we were doing Santorini as we weren't sure how long we would have to wait for a tender ticket.   We walked in the Lounge and talked to those in charge and they just handed us a tender ticket and told us to head to the gangway.   We arrived ashore early and just wandered around for a bit and then saw the tour guide with the sign.  

The meals were wonderful and we never had to wait for a table in the main dining room even though we like sitting alone.  After a long day, we just want to relax and enjoy our meal.   (The entertainment geared to an older audience) won’t stop us from taking another Oceania cruise if we find one we like.  If you ever have a customer that would like to talk to us about Oceania, just give them our e-mail or phone number.  B.C. September, 2016





Trafalgar Luxury Coach Tour of Europe




Our trip was wonderful. We saw a lot. Learned a lot about history and architecture. We tried many new regional foods. We walked a lot. We met many interesting people from around the world. We had 44 people on our Mercedes coach. 


Trafalgar tours is a fantastic company. Our tour guide was well informed and interesting. We participated in all the optional experiences. We will definitely take another Trafalgar tour in the future. 


It was definitely a bonus that we arrived in Austria one day before the actual tour began. This gave us time to walk around the Danube and to relax and to recover from jet lag. I would highly recommend an extra day at the onset of such a tour. 

Thank you, Lola, for all your help.  
R&LR July 2016




Ama Waterways European River Cruise





Hi Lola,


Glad you got the postcard!  We had a fantastic time on our cruise, we even got invited to the captain’s table for dinner on the last night J  There were only 84 passengers, the cruise director said it was her smallest group ever.  We did have to skip a planned excursion in Kolenz due to rising water levels, the captain wanted to make sure that we cleared a bridge before it was too high – that was really okay with us, this way we were able to complete the entire trip on the ship. 


Flytographer went well, we have our pics just haven’t had a chance to go over them too closely, but at first glance they look good.  We were lucky that the only non-rainy day we had in Paris was the day we booked for pics, otherwise it might not have been so good.


We have one suggestion for others who look at this particular cruise – we chose the Prague to Paris itinerary, but found that after spending a week cruising and visiting small towns and villages that Paris was a bit of a shock to the system, just because of its size.  Thankfully we have been there twice before so we had no trouble getting around, but we think that it would have been nicer to start in the big city and end in the small city. Particularly because in Paris the hotel location isn’t great, you have to take the metro everywhere, but in Prague the hotel was just outside of the town center, so easily walkable and a more relaxed.


We were disappointed in the Paris hotel as it isn’t near any of the main reasons people go to Paris and it definitely sees a lot of traffic so the room was a bit beat up.  Again, it was quite different than the standards we got accustomed to on the cruise J (Yes, we are spoiled).


Thanks again for helping us book our anniversary trip, it was wonderful, we couldn’t be happier! 

LR June 2016






Group Cuba Cruise




Hi Lola, First, I wanted to share that I really enjoyed the cruise. My favorite part was the excursions, which covered a lot of highlights (I enjoy sightseeing). JP and I have been on several cruises (4 prior to this one) and I find that I am often disappointed with the limited ports. So that fact that we had so many on this trip was wonderful.  Thank you again for setting up the trip for us. It was my first time personally using a travel agent. You made the process easy and provided excellent communication. JP and I tend to travel yearly and we will definitely contact you in the future to see if you have any trips available during our vacation time. SH March 2016





Accessible Caribbean Cruise 




Thanks so much for your email. It is great to hear from you.  We had a wonderful trip with lots of relaxing so our goal  was accomplished. The cruise went well although we did have a bit of an issue  with an excursion we had booked through RCCL's accessible excursion office. We  booked a catamaran excursion in St. Lucia and their office informed me (after much back and forth) that there would be somewhere to leave my scooter at the  dock while we were on the catamaran. When we arrived on board, the excursions desk informed us that this was not the case and there would be no where to  secure the scooter which was most definitely true as it turned out. The  catamaran picked us up at the end of the pier where the ship docked. I was having a good week with respect to my walking and we decided to proceed with the excursion so I walked off the ship.


It was an amazing excursion that went along the coast to the Pitons and it stopped for us to get a swim in the sea which was lovely. The tour operators were fantastic. I am so glad we did not miss it. While it was definitely an error on the part of the accessibility office, the excursion desk staff person on board was wonderful. She offered to try to find another
excursion and said that if I was unable to walk off on the day of the excursion, they would provide a refund. The staff also followed up to ask how the day went which was much appreciated. This is the second time something like this has happened to us with RCCL and interestingly, it happened in St. Lucia last time. It seems like the main office does not have a good sense of the capacity of the tour operators or the ports. 


Other than that there were no other major concerns. Our cabin was great and the food as well as the service was very good. It would have been nice to have better shows but I have a feeling that is something only offered now on RCCL's bigger ships. We loved the ports (even though some were repeats). The only exception was Grenada. RCCL really only had eco tours or long tours if I recall and we opted not to do an excursion. It turns out the port area was not so nice and the locals were rather aggressive trying to sell their taxi services (even though the scooter would obviously not fit). However, we spent most of the day on the ship which was quiet so it was no problem whatsoever.


I have a feeling we will be ready to try another cruise line next time and will focus more on the itinerary. We have dreams to do Alaska and South America down the road although we are not ready to book right now - unfortunately. Scotland is also still a possibility. There is a cruise through RCCL from Argentina that goes around the Horn that looks amazing. We will be keeping our eye on that one for the future :)


Thanks so very much for your help. We will certainly keep you in mind for future vacations. It is my hope we can work together again sooner than later!  KA and DA Dec 2015





Accessible Mediterranean Cruise 




Lola Stoker was extremely knowledgeable, understanding, kind and patient when booking our cruise vacations. She understood our needs as we have a child who is physically challenged and uses a wheelchair. She booked our entire trip on both vacations from air fares with accessible seating, wheelchair accessible ground transfers to and from airport, clean, accessible hotels and accessible stateroom on the cruise lines. Lola Stoker was extremely knowledgeable, courteous, kind and patient when answering our questions and booking accommodations for my son's special needs. I would highly recommend Lola Stoker when booking your vacations!!. - Jan - July 2015




AmaWaterways River Cruise




Everything went really well. Thanks for sending the two hotel confirmations. T. remembered the Novotel, but I hadn’t written it down, so it didn’t want to chance going to the wrong place. Change of arrival date had not reached the front desk at the Ibis. They told us, they had expected us the day before. So it was good to show written confirmation.  It was a great trip.  AmaWaterways is always a wonderful river cruise line and this one was just as you suggested it would be.  Thanks again.  Irm & Trev - July 2015 



Scenic River Cruise


Hi Lola, The trip was great - we thoroughly enjoyed it despite not sailing into Paris in the dark. Visited so many little towns. Monet's garden and house were certainly one of the highlights. Canada AM on CTV this week is showcasing the Scenic Gem cruise. Jeff is visiting all the places we visited. Have tons of pictures to go through. Thanks again for helping plan our river cruise on Scenic! Sandy R., May, 2015





March Break Cruise NCL Breakaway

Great March Break family vacation!  Thanks for the suggestion of the Breakaway out of New York!  What a great way to cut down on airfare!  The flight to Newark on Porter worked out well.  The train from Newark Airport was 20 minutes to Penn Station in Manhattan and cost $12!  We spent two days in the Big Apple and the kids had a great time!  The sail past the Statue of Liberty and the NYC skyline was beautiful.  Weather warmed up the next day and we were all sunning by the pool in the afternoon.  Great ship!  Howling at the Moon dueling pianos was the best!  Rock of Ages performance was superb as well.  Thanks for all the recommendations and for helping us put the trip together!  Bonnie and Steve R. March, 2015





March Break on Celebrity!


Caribbean with Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique


Our trip was great - that sun is intense! Everything worked out perfectly with the excursion. The staff was a lot of fun and took good care of us -   We were back just in time for the boat but there were about 20 of us on the Summit so they made a special stop right by our pier. Thanks for the recommendation!! Nancy, March, 2015





Winter Getaway on the Getaway!



The vacation was very enjoyable... It’s hard not to like 30 degrees tropical weather and long tall drinks in your hand.  The weather was perfect. The hotel Norwegian put us up in Miami was great! Nice downtown location, fabulous view. The transfers went like clockwork. The food was fantastic, the specialty restaurants were incredible. The service was outstanding, the ship (Getaway) was very fresh. The crew couldn’t do enough for you,always smiling and helpful. I might need a liquor plan next time – I do like my Long Island Ice Teas while in the tropics.  I love island/city touring, so excursions work well at every port of call. S. had a great time as well. They served her the birthday cake and wine on her birthday. The room steward put up balloons in our stateroom and left her a birthday card….It was a nice touch and she was pleasantly surprised… We bought a $250 refundable deposit against the plans to do Hawaii with you as our agent…Thanks again! 

Gerry and Sharon P- February, 2015 




Christmas Markets River Cruise






Again a heart-felt thank you to both you and Peter for all the effort in putting the river cruise together for us! The vacation was flawless! Everything from the airlines to the hotels were perfect. The Maximillian in Prague was an excellent choice. It was clean, fresh and close to the marketplace and surrounding attractions. The staff were very accommodating as well. The transfers and arranged pick-ups were prompt allowing us to have a worry-free vacation. You were right about Ama Waterways, just an excellent cruise line. We had a great time and really enjoyed our first river cruise vacation and both of you were instrumental in making this happen. You really did take care of every detail for us, thanks again for everything!    Gerry and Sharon P- December 2014



Solo Alaskan Cruise



Lola is Amazing!  She was referred to me when I was challenged finding a vacation package that would be ideal for me traveling solo. Lola came through for me. She quickly arranged every single minute detail of my vacation, all I needed to do was pack and show up.  She made me feel as if she genuinely cared from the first minute I spoke with her. I didn’t once feel as if she was just booking another commission which was the feeling I got when I was shopping around before being referred. She was kind, thoughtful and very detailed.  She made my dream come through. I had an amazing vacation. When I got back an email from her was among the first to find out how the trip worked out.  Cruise Holidays (| Luxury Travel Boutique) will definitely be my first point of contact going forward and I unreservedly refer them for planning an amazing vacation.  Thanks Cruise Holidays.    DM - September 2014




Accessible Vacation Experts





Dear Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique,


Thank you once again for organizing a very memorable and exciting cruise vacation for me and my family.   Cruise Holidays has been very patient and caring when organizing a cruise vacation for us and our son with a disability who uses a wheelchair.  They answered all our questions promptly and courteously.  They organized our accessible stateroom on the cruise line which was just right and comfortable for us.  They also organized accessible transfers for us to the hotel and to the port which was very prompt back and forth. I would highly recommend Cruise Holidays for all your vacation needs.

Thank you very much Cruise Holidays. - J.D. October 2014




 Canadian Beaches at Normandy Tour





Plugging Small Business by Women -


"When I come across small businesses run by women, I'm alsways happy to endorse them and support their growth" -


"Cruise Holidays, Luxury Travel Boutique: I first met Lola Stoker at a presentation for European river cruises when I was shopping for a tour of World War I and World War II Canadian war sites. While none of the tours she presented that day were what I was looking for, she remembered my request and e-mailed me a few months later with news of a special "Great Canadian War Memorial Tour, BME 919 being offered by Globus. It couldn’t have been more perfect. For any river cruise or another specific tour you would like, I highly recommend Lola Stoker who can be reached at or Tel 905-602-6566. Her office is in Mississauga."   October 2014




Lola is Amazing! 





"Lola is Amazing!


She was referred to me when I was challenged finding a vacation package that would be ideal for me traveling solo. Lola came through for me. She quickly arranged every single minute detail of my vacation, all I needed to do was pack and show up.


She made me feel as if she genuinely cared from the first minute I spoke with her. I didn’t once feel as if she was just booking another commission which was the feeling I got when I was shopping around before being referred. She was kind, thoughtful and very detailed.


She made my dream came through. I had an amazing vacation. When I got back an email from her was among the first to find out how the trip worked out.


Cruise Holidays (| Luxury Travel Boutique) will definitely be my first point of contact going forward and I unreservedly refer them for planning an amazing vacation.


Thanks Cruise Holidays!"  DM - September 2014





Family Cruise to Alaska




"Thanks so much to Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique!  What an awesome trip!  My family and I went on an Alaskan Cruise and Tour.  It is truly the trip of a lifetime!  Many, many fabulous memories for all of us, both young and old....Thanks Lola!"  L.B. September 2014





Baltic Cruise on Celebrity with Accessible Shore Excursions




"The cruise was fantastic.  The cabin on the ship couldn't have been better.  It was at least 50% larger than my sister’s cabin down the hall.  The staff was friendly and helpful and the ship was a perfect size.  Disembarkation at the different ports was handled well, and their dealing with the wheelchair was very professional.  The (accessible) shore excursions in St Petersburg and Estonia were fantastic, especially in St Petersburg.  The guide there was well versed in everything that we asked.  Her English was excellent. The only question that arose regarded payment of some entry fees.  Luckily you had sent us proof of payment…. Stockholm was wonderful….In Copenhagen we did our own thing, and found the Hop On and Off bus system was excellent and well equipped for wheelchairs. Our overall cruise enjoyment was a 9 1/2 out of 10, and our dealings with you were a 10 out of 10. I hope to have the opportunity to use your services again in the future. It's been a pleasure."  C. W. August 2014






Alaska Cruise on Oceania



 "My daughter and I were looking for a mother/daughter vacation on short notice and contacted Lola at Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique for some ideas.  We had some time constraints, but Lola was able to find an Alaska Cruise that worked. 


We sailed on Oceania's Regatta from Seattle round trip to Alaska on a 10 day voyage and thoroughly enjoyed our cruise.   With the help of some research from Lola and our own, we independently arranged a variety of amazing active excursions including kayaking, glacier trekking, and hiking.


The best excursion was the helicopter flight over the glaciers.  What an amazing view!  Overall, a great trip!  The scenery was phenomenal. We saw all kinds of wildlife including bears, seals and many types of whales.  Onboard the ship, we especially enjoyed the food, the spa, the gym, and the library for books and DVD's.  The service was first class.  My daughter enjoyed the trip as much as I did. 


I would definitely recommend a cruise to Alaska, as well as Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique.  Thanks for a great holiday!" 


KH, June 2014





Disney Cruise for First Time Cruisers






We had a great time.  My wife and I really enjoyed the trip.  The length and itinerary were perfect for beginners like us….Our room was great.  Lots of space, we were genuinely surprised by the size of it. The room amenities were great too - linens, bathrobes, towels, fridge, TV, etc….. The dinner restaurants were surprisingly good. The meat was very well prepared (rare and great quality meats), also quite surprising for a group dinner….We can’t say enough about the friendly staff and the personal attention by our dinner servers….. I took our son to his first movie in a theatre to see Frozen, his current favourite movie.  He loved it. We had the large theatre to ourselves….It was a great experience....  The premium aspect of the Disney cruise was great….. In conclusion, we would definitely do it again….It was perfect…..Thank you for your personal attention to our needs and answering some of our tedious and basic questions. We really appreciated your kind efforts to make this a great experience. Thanks!


K.F. May 2014 





 Melodies of the Danube River Cruise with Ama Waterways





"Last year October I decided to look into booking a river cruise on the Danube in Europe, and organized a meeting with my travel consultant, Lola, of Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique. She suggested Ama Waterways, a company she had personally sailed on and is ranked on the upper-high side of the river cruise companies. Lola also helped me plan my flights for which I received an excellent fare as well as a 3 day stay in Prague at a local boutique hotel plus a 3 hour city tour."


"The cruise was amazing, the food was fabulous, it was great to be able to have dinner with different people every night (if you so chose), and the included tours were also fantastic. I ended up purchasing 2 optional tours, one being Mozart and Strauss concert in Vienna, and the other a trip to Salzburg, both unforgettable experiences."


"The owner of Ama Waterways was present on this inaugural music and wine themed cruise and she had invited a journalist who freelances and posts articles for the Wall Street Journal. This journalist interviewed me for her article on my impressions of the "Melodies and Wine Tasting on the Danube."


Prague was also amazing and I was able to see 3 concerts, 2 of which were within walking distance from the hotel and the other a short taxi ride away. I was also able to walk to the famous Charles Bridge and visited the Prague castle for an afternoon. All in all, a fantastic trip, great service from Ama Waterways as well as from the K&K Hotel in Prague, and an experience worth repeating at some point in the future."


Thanks again Lola.


Linda C. April 2014





Quito and Galapagos Islands Tour arranged through Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique




"Yes, we had a wonderful vacation.  Truly a bucket list trip….The hotel in Quito was great and the driver was prompt and very informative.….The Galapagos was great - a truly wonderful experience and very well organized.  The boat and guides were all good….. Our four nights on the boat was the right pick - got to see lots of things..…Everything worked out really well with the driver too and the Banos.   The resort is lovely, great food and wonderful view…..All in all a highly memorable trip.  We both said it was up there in our top 2 or 3 vacations." 

"Thanks for all your help! Now starting to think about where to next."


KM - January 2014





"My family and I are very pleased to have Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique book our cruise vacation.  Our son is physically challenged and uses a power wheelchair.  Cruise Holidays booked, organized and coordinated our entire trip including an accessible stateroom on the cruise, accessible hotel rooms, transfers and air."

"Cruise Holidays made all the arrangements necessary with the airline for my son to take the equipment he needed onboard the flight.  They also made all arrangements for special rental equipment to be delivered to and picked up directly from the ship."

"Thank you, Cruise Holidays for making our trip enjoyable and exciting!!"

"We would definitely recommend Cruise Holidays for all your travel needs"


Jean D.  Dec. 2013






"Thank you, thank you, thank you, for finding Le Priori for us.  It was PERFECT.  The room was lovely – Spacious, very clean and comfortable.  Service was fabulous – Kimberly at the front desk was absolutely wonderful.  Helpful, friendly and always happy to see us.  The location was perfect – right in the middle of the lower old town."


"We observed that the lower town felt far less "touristy” than the upper old town.  This was confirmed by a couple of the gallery owners who informed us that most of the tourists stay at the Chateau and don’t bother going down the hill.  The locals will only eat in the lower old town as that is where the good restaurants are.  They have to get the locals business to survive whereas upper old town will get traffic regardless if the food is good or not."  


"Flying in and out of the island is the only way to go.  We were VERY late getting to the airport.  In fact we had to drive the car across on the ferry and park at the airport we were so late.  (45 minutes before our flight and we hadn’t even crossed over on the ferry yet).  No one seemed to think this was a problem, and they were right.  We still got through security in time to enjoy a coffee before boarding the plane).   Way better than Pearson."


"Thank you so much for your recommendations – couldn’t have been better."


Leslie M. - Dec. 2013








"Enjoying our trip immensely…. Having a great time…. – it is lovely and the ship and all staff are great. So many nice places …….Tarske Selo - Hermitage- Ballet – Peterhof – Peter and Paul ( Burial Place of the Tsars) – Catherine Palace – all very beautiful……Had a terrific time….thanks!!"


Harold and Sharon B. - Sept 2013














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