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Testimonials - Hello Lola,   We certainly did enjoy the Asian vacation, the AmaDara cruise portion was up to their high standards with good food and excellent tour guides throughout. The cruise manager ('A. K.') was in charge of both the pre and post cruise portions of the trip and he did a first class job, everything ran to time and was well explained and organized.  Perhaps what surprised us most was how nice we found Cambodia to be given that it is the poorest of these two countries. The capital, Phenon Phen was surprising clean and well developed along the Mekong and our hotel in Siem Reap was one of the nicest we have stayed in anywhere around the world. The only negative, and it's a small one, is that the UNESCO heritage site Ha Long Bay was so overrun with tourist boats that it was rather like driving the QEW on a public holiday in summer.  That said, we loved the trip. The only complaint from travelers was the nonsense over the Cambodian visas.  You may recall that we spent $750 to get them expedited from Washington D.C. and found that many Canadian couples had gone through the same exercise. As we arrived at our first hotel, the Ama crew just said: "if you need a Cambodian visa then leave your passports with us in the lobby and we'll get one, about US$40, if you haven't got a spare passport photo we will just use our cell phones to photo the one in your passport" - this could not have been easier and at least half the travelers took advantage. EVA airlines were excellent, great service, clean, and ran pretty much on time with each flight, so we would readily recommend them for any of your clients. No doubt it is because of the lower labour costs but our experiences with Asian airline so far is that they do offer superior service.  Kind regards,  H and MW - May 2019  More Testimonials   



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