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Hi Lola!  I loved it!  I never got sea sick in the slightest!  Going to bed with the patio door open and waking up in the night to hear the waves and being lulled back to sleep was the best! 

The Cruise.....Loved waking up in a different country every day.  K. and I so enjoyed watching the boat dock in the mornings.  Coming into Montenegro was beyond beautiful  K. went on the Pompeii excursion, and the historic canal (Venice).  I went to Murano and Burano for one day....we had such a fun guide and I bought lovely Murano glass jewellery and Burano lace.  I enjoyed the excursions that Oceanic offered.  We did take other local ones, and we found the Cruise's excursions were very professional and so entertaining. next time I will defiantly get a bigger room, and would like a bigger deck, but honestly, our room was so nice.  

The boat was beautiful, the food was amazing, and the staff were beyond lovely.   I think we will go again in 2019, so will be looking forward to chatting with you.  We were so well taken care of and met lovely people. There were a lot of young adults on the cruise and they livened the boat up!  

What a positive experience!  If you ever have a client who is nervous about boats, I would gladly talk to them.  I'm the one who gets woozy in elevators, and never for a moment had an issue on the Cruise, and my big bag of meds were never opened. K. loved the cruise as well, and what surprised us was how we could choose to be with a crowd, or have private time.  

Thank you for taking such good care of us.  We felt so secure knowing you and Peter were there for us.  Also, thanks for making sure the car was at the airport in Rome!   I would certainly like to share my positive thoughts on any media that you and Peter have available for others to see. I felt that we were so well taken care of.  Thank you so much for such an incredible memory!   B and KW - July 2018  

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