Windstar Venetian Passageways Cruise (Part 3)

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Corinth Canal – The Corinth Canal was built in the 19th century and is 6.4 kilometers long and 25 meters wide.  The Canal essentially cut of the Peloponnese isthmus from the Greek mainland making it an island and saved sailors trying to get to the Adriatic from the Aegean Seas or vice versa about 185 nautical miles.  Completed in 1893, the canal is too narrow for modern ships but can be passed by small cruise ships.  The passage takes about an hour and ships are pulled by a tug boat through the canal.  Bridges span the canal and bungee jumping has become popular.  As we sailed through the canal, many of the locals came out to watch from shore and from the bridges. Nafplio - The town is quite picturesque and worth visiting on its own.  A fortress overlooking the Old Town of Nafpio can be reached by stairs or car.  If you take the stairs be prepared for to walk up 999 steps.  Once at the top, the views are spectacular and the photo opportunities are everywhere you look.  The Old town is intriguing as ever with its interesting shops and cafes.  We had a great lunch at an outdoor café and spent the afternoon strolling around the old historic area of town.  Later we walked to a beach on the other side of town from the port and went for a swim. Athens – This legendary city has much to offer.  For our short stay, we climbed to the Acropolis which dominates the cityscape from a hill in the middle of the city.  The fee is usually 20 Euros, but since we visited on a national holiday, admission is free.  Restoration of the site is constant and unfortunately, there is often heavy machinery and scaffolding on the site.  However, the site is still the most important site in Athens.  Down the main promenade from the Acropolis is the remains of the Temple of Zeus.  If you look back at the Acropolis through the gates of the Temple of Zeus, you can frame a photograph perfectly.  Between the Temple of Zeus and the Acropolis is the Plaka shopping district which has many side streets for exploring.  Also, nearby is the new Acropolis Museum where most of the important antiquities are displayed.  We finished our evening off in the Psiri restaurant district on a patio for dinner and then wandered over to a café for dessert. The trip to the airport takes about 30 minutes without traffic and much longer in rush hour.  The cost is about 40 Euros.  The airport is modern and quite large, but easy to navigate. 

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