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Windstar Venetian Passageways Cruise (Part 3)

Corinth Canal – The Corinth Canal was built in the 19th century and is 6.4 kilometers long and 25 meters wide.  The Canal essentially cut of the Peloponnese isthmus from the Greek mainland making it an island and saved sailors trying to get to the Adriatic from the Aegean Seas or vice versa about...Read more.

Windstar Venetian Passageways Cruise (Part 2)

Kotor – Kotor is a relatively new tourist destination and is located at the end of a long bay, reminiscent of a fjord.  Don’t miss the sail in or sail out of Kotor bay as the scenery is spectacular with mirror reflections of the landscape in the waters of the bay.  The old town is protected by a wall...Read more.

Windstar Venetian Passageways Cruise (Part 1)

Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique recently traveled on Windstar Cruises Venetian Passageways from Venice to Athens in late October on the Star Legend.  The itinerary included an overnight in Venice and then port stops in Hvar (Croatia), Kotor (Montenegro), Dubrovnnik (Croatia), Corfu (Greece),...Read more.

Greek Island Cruise (Part 5)

  As you walk away from the direction of Fira, you end up at a castle and the windmills.  It is best to turn around and retrace your steps as going around the back of the town is not as scenic. The bus ride back to Fira is about 25 minutes and the road runs behind the cliffs and gives you a view of...Read more.

Greek Island Cruise (Part 4)

Part of the Azamara Cruise experience is an Azamazing Evening, a private shore excursion exclusively for Azamara clients.  Tonight we will be returning to Ephesus for a concert in one of the amphitheatres.  Looking forward to that and will post an update later.Azamazing Evening – As part of the Azamara...Read more.

Greek Island Cruise (Part 3)

Part of the inclusions of an Azamara suite is unlimited access to the two specialty restaurants – Prime C and Aqualina.  Prime C is a US themed steak house and the view, service and food are excellent.Tip of the day – Another inclusion of an Azamara suite is 235 minutes of free internet per person...Read more.

Greek Island Cruise (Part 2)

The Cysternes are now only an historic relic of times past, but a testament to the engineering skills of the Romans and the Turkish predecessors.  Because they are underground, the temperature is about 17 degrees Celsius while the surface temperature was close to 30 degrees Celsius.  The cavernous...Read more.

Greek Island Cruise (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a Turkey and Greek Islands cruise holiday?  Peter M. Wong, CARP Mississauga board member and Lola Stoker, CARP Etobicoke member, also co-owners of Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique recently went on a Turkey and Greek Islands cruise holiday...Read more.

Iconic Danube with Scenic River Cruises (Part 2)

This was our final day and I found myself too tired to venture out for the afternoon. We had enough time to go to the Turkish baths that afternoon but we decided to stay on board and enjoy the air show. The planes flew up and down the river right over our heads. This special event was due to their...Read more.

Iconic Danube with Scenic River Cruises (Part 1)

It was snowing and quite cold on Monday morning when we landed in Munich Germany. We boarded our Scenic tour bus and settled in for an enjoyable narrated ride to our destination in Passau where the Scenic Amber awaited. Thankfully the weather in Passau was clear and sunny.We arrived early in the afternoon...Read more.

FAM Trip St. Lucia April 23-28, 2016 (Part 3)

The BodyHoliday is also located in this area and this resort offers a unique experience. It is a wellness resort and includes all sports, yoga, meditation, and may other classes throughout the week. You also receive one spa treatment each day. The restaurants offer healthy food options as well as...Read more.

FAM Trip St. Lucia April 23-28, 2016 (Part 2)

Upon arrival at Royal St. Lucia we were handed the usual rum punch as well as nice cold towel. This resort is much smaller than Coconut Bay and provides for an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. The rooms are very large and include a large sitting area with couches. The bathrooms have a large whirlpool...Read more.

FAM Trip St. Lucia April 23-28, 2016 (Part 1)

On April 23rd I travelled to St. Lucia. The flight is approx. 5 hours in length. Upon arriving, you walk down the steps out of the plane and are welcomed by tropical sun and warm air. The airport in Vieux Fort in the South end of the island, was busy when I landed, most likely due to it being a Saturday....Read more.

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